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With the rapid development of e-commerce, companies collect and analyze more data than ever before. Organizations are seeking talents who are capable of interpreting complex data and generating insights with interactive visualized dashboards that will drive the best decisions for the business.

According to LinkedIn Learning Blog, analytical reasoning is the #3, and business analysis is the #6 most in-demand hard skills in 2020.

After analyzing FocusKPI job openings from 1/1/2020 to 11/13/2020, we found that there are 127 Analyst-related jobs, 65 of which require business intelligence-related skills for example data visualization skills with a percentage of 51.18%. Some positions also require a Tableau Desktop Certificate.

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Common requirements for BI analysts

  ● Experience with Tableau, Mode, PowerBI, Looker, QlikView, MicroStrategy or other data visualization and BI dashboarding tools
  ● Use data to build software at industry-leading companies with ETL & Visualization
  ● Create and maintain metrics and dashboards reports that measure performance and pipeline management
  ● Illustrate business trends and forecasts using interactive dashboards

This article will give you a glance at what BI is and several tips with practical use cases.

What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) involves data mining, data visualization, and business analytics to help businesses make effective data-driven decisions.

Why does business intelligence matter?

Business Intelligence (BI) involves data mining, data visualization, and business analytics to help businesses make effective data-driven decisions.

Major benefits business will get with business intelligence

  ● Identify potential growth areas
  ● Analyze and predict customer behavior
  ● Optimize targeting and segmenting strategy
  ● Present real-time market circumstance and predict market trends
  ● Adjust positioning strategy through competitor analysis & insights

4 Steps to create a BI dashboard

  ● Gathering data from various sources including internal data warehouses and open channels.
  ● Consolidate data with Oracle (relational database) and cloud environment (different data formats.)
  ● Incorporate data and query data via integrated platforms, for example, Snowflake.
  ● Produce dashboards use tableau, excel, and Power BI

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5 Tips to boost your business intelligence skills

1. Improve problem solving skills

Developing a dashboard is a process of solving a problem. As a BI analyst, you will meet tons of complex datasets and it’s critical to know how to prioritize your work to translate those complex data and business questions into actionable insights.

Be a self-starter with great curiosity about emerging technology to enhance your problem structuring and analytical problem-solving skills.

2. Know your audience

When you are able to manage a large group of stakeholders (not only your customers but also your senior management teams), you will get a clearer idea of how to design a customized dashboard and then to present your findings and recommendations to your audience more efficiently.

<< Watch this video to better understand how to know your audience

3. Develop effective communication skills 

Communication between your clients and your team plays a very important role while designing a dashboard. Effective communications will make sure you are stepping forward in the right direction and your insights are applicable to clients’ next big move.

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4. Build strong business acumen

While business acumen is not built within one day, you should begin to realize how important it is in your daily work. Being a pro as a tech-savvy analyst is not enough, knowing your business model and who your business is targeting will take you further in your career journey.

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5. Strengthen your analytical skills

Advance your SQL, Excel, and dashboard creating skills through our online community to lead business-critical data initiatives. Get certified with the common BI tools such as Tableau, R, Hadoop,and Python.

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Wonder how FocusKPI consultants build dashboards for more actionable insights for our clients?

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LinkedIn Learning Blog: https://www.linkedin.com/business/learning/blog/learning-and-development/most-in-demand-skills-2020

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