Marketing Mix ROI

Marketing resources are scarce in many companies. Our objective is to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Our marketing mix model provides marketers with a platform composed of many tools to allocate marketing spend across several channels in an unbiased manner to ensure the greatest lift in sales.

Social Media and Web Analytics

Our social media and web solutions enable you to monitor, analyze, and report how users behave on social media and your website. Our algorithms not only track many key metrics but also provide real-time feedback on how people are interacting with your brand. These reports allow you to reach the right customers with the right price at the right time.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our BI analytics deliver meaningful, actionable insights and provide real value to employees, customers, and partners. We develop custom data science models and reports by integrating BI tools. As a result, your business easily maintains a sustainable competitive advantage.

Promotions Methodology

We help you set specific business objectives. Our tools enable you to track, analyze, and report how these promotions are performing. Typically, these promotions build awareness to increase leads that eventually convert into customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Harness the power of data in your CRM to gain insights through the entire sales process. Our clients use these insights to track campaign performance, attract and retain the most valuable customers. Our unique toolkit will integrate your CRM, improve the segmentation, and allow your team to optimize pricing.

Customer Scoring and Segmentation

First, we score your prospects based on buying behavior using sophisticated data-science algorithms. Second, we segment and prioritize your customers to better achieve your business goals.

Churn Modeling

You may often find it challenging to identify which customers will drop out. We analyze your data and predict customer behavior to identify customers at a high risk of loss. So your team can target these customers with retention measures before they drop out.

Operational Analytics

Our operational tools guide your decisions by improving demand forecasting, space allocation, and supply chain management. Our algorithms improve your operations by reducing inventory, improving turnover, and driving inventory velocity to increase its contribution margin.