Outreach Strategy for Branding

This Friday(7/10), we also invited Sicheng(Zack) Xia to share his story of developing an automated talent sourcing platform - #LoopWe. 🔸 How the team started a new program given a business question in mind? 🔸 Why they choose Deep Learning (#NLP) and Reinforcement Learning? 🔸 What are the data required? 🔹 How Technical Recruiters can make use of

Leadership for Techies & Dashboard in Business Intelligence

How to be a more effective leader in data and analytics? Join our free forum to dive into the ocean of successful leadership for techies at 3 PM EST next Friday(July 24th). As a leadership coach, Lenore Kantor will share areas to focus on for analytical types to cultivate to accelerate your professional growth. Also,

Customer Concept Evolution & Persuasive Presentation Strategy

【4:00 - 4:30 PM EST】Jillian Maffeo will share her experience as Analytics Manager at Vistaprint about the #evolution of #customer concepts 【4:30 - 4:50 PM EST】Jerry Kuo will talk about how to deliver an effective and interactive #presentation through knowing your #audience 【4:50 - 5:00 PM EST】Joseph Ogrodowczyk will announce two analytics #jobopenings

Ranking Problems in MySQL

#analyticsatwork Want to rank your regions in #sales performance of last season? Want to evaluate the KPI of your marketing managers? Want to sort the stock level of your products? Businesses cannot avoid rankings, big to the world’s top 500, small to department operations. Tomorrow at 2 PM EST, join us with Xuanfu Wu to nail various ranking problems in

09/18 Analytics Leadership Forum #7

10/23 Analytics Leadership Forum #8 841 6324 7969, 028525

Topic: Reinforcement Learning in Marketing Science Time: 4 PM EST, September 18th, 2020 Speaker: Yunxiao He, Advisory Data Scientist at FocusKPI, Inc. Interested in deploying Reinforcement Learning(RL) in your digital marketing campaigns? Join FocusKPI Online Analytics Leadership Forum to learn more about the revolutionized AI technology to effectively improve your digital marketing campaign ROI.     Takeaways


How to Build a Multichannel Attribution Model (MTA)?

FocusKPI Online Webinar

Topic: Logistic Regression and Survival Approaches Time: 2 PM EST, September 22th, 2020 Speaker: Jin Zhou, Principal Consultant and Data Scientist at Staples Interested in learning more about building Multichannel Attribution Models (MTA)? Jin will share modeling methods in allocating weights on revenues of different communication channels. Read more: Deterministic Methods in Building MTA


10/23 Analytics Leadership Forum #8

10/23 Analytics Leadership Forum #8 841 6324 7969, 028525

Speaker: Jessica Lyn Zall, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Capitolis   Jessica Lyn Zall will share her best practice as a leader in global marketing and communications strategy about how to use data analytics to drive marketing strategy   🔹 How data-driven marketing optimizes the brand and product communications based